Saturday, April 25, 2009


london-midland whisks me clickety-clack
through rolling fields
from university
to droitwich spa
swiftly out of town
via quiet country lanes
where startled baby rabbits
scamper into hedges
and bluebells line the verges
gaining momentum
shifting through the gears
up hill and down dale
fleet through holt fleet
then a lunchstop by the severn
through the trees
witley church spire crowned in gold
proclaims the glory of its secret treasure trove
climbing steadily now
getting into the groove
no pain no gain
up up up and away
over the crown of kingswood common
to misty vistas of clee
punctured by abberley clocktower
the wind of an exhilerating descent
rushes through my ears
down down down
to the banks of the teme
where mistletoe hangs from orchard boughs
saddle sore to martley
the comfy curves of the seat
yielding to the bumps and bruises of the road
feet up and a refreshing pint of pale burton ale
then back through the lanes
to my waiting train

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