Monday, March 1, 2010

Northfield Photographs

Taking photographs often makes you see things in a different light. On Saturday I walked round the 1000 year old St Laurence Church area. I had driven through on a number of occasions but never stopped and had a look.
Northfield Ecocentre has just launched a photographic competition. The photographs have to be taken in Northfield but can be either of “Nature”, “Cityscape”, or “Community”. There are a number of age groups. So here is a chance to wander round with a purpose and see what you can find. You have until the end of May to find the perfect photo!
Details of the competition can be obtained by downloading:
The Brief
The Entry Form
There is a lot going on at the Ecocentre these days so keep an eye open for something that suits you.


  1. I wrote a short article on the Beautiful Northfield Photography Competition for Birmingham Recycled. Feel free to leave a comment if you want to add anything to the piece.

  2. I'd be really interested to see how this competition turns out, will you be publishing the results anywhere? If you check on Flickr there are very little (if any) pictures of Northfield!