Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's 8am on an overcast Sunday morning in May
But the Friends of Manor Farm Park are already congregating by the old barn
They've come to enjoy a gentle stroll around the park
To listen to the birdsong and identify the birds
Fortunately for me there are some good pairs of ears amongst us
Almost straight away a distant song thrush announces its presence
Mimicing an insistent telephone then bursting into melodious voice
As we near a patch of woodland a shrill wren and a fluty blackbird launch into song
Now a faraway chaffinch approaches the crease like a swing bowler
To everyone's delight a sharp-eyed companion spots a greater-spotted woodpecker
Clinging improbably to the side of a tree next to the road
But it's interesting how many more birds we can hear than see
We turn into the Long Meadow and someone picks out the distinctive call of a chiff chaff
A great tit is added to the list
We come across a few interesting plants too
Wild garlic and red campion nestle under the trees by the brook
Altogether our master of ceremonies Tony notes down 21 species in just an hour or so!
Finally by the lake we spot a static heron beadily eyeing the still water
A couple of attentive Canada Geese parents shepherd their little brood of yellow goslings on a picnic

I'll need a lot more practice before I can hope to lead a walk like this
But one day I'd love to try it!

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  1. Nice picture, would be nice to see some nice pics of nature on your flickr page!