Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tricky times

Those of you who have done some gardening before will know that this time of the year is always tricky. In the last few weeks we’ve sown seeds in pots, germinated them in the airing cupboard and nurtured them on the windowsill, conservatory and greenhouse.

But when is the right time to plant them outside? The old stagers all used to have a date set in their minds for the last frost. It might be the wife’s birthday, the bank holiday, or just the middle of May. Global warming has thrown these traditions, old wives tales or good old fashion experience into confusion. Days have got warmer but we can still be caught out as I realised when I looked out of the window a few days ago to see hail (or was it snow) piled up in the garden.

This is the time of the year when many community groups have plant sales. Those who have spare plants bring them along and sell them to boast local funds. The prices are often much lower than the shops and the range much bigger. If you are a beginner pop in and pick up something to grow in your garden and you willingly be given advice as well. If you are experienced its amazing what you find that you may not have seen before.

Remember its all local.

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