Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where Does the Rain Go

I recently fitted up a couple of water butts to collect water from a roof. The first day it rained both butts were nearly full giving us enough water to keep the plants happy for some time. If I had not put in these butts all this water would have run off down the drains and have quite quickly ended up in the River Rea. In times of heavy storms it is the water from our roofs and drives that cause the river to flood as it can’t cope with the water coming so quickly. This means that anything we can do to slow or stop the water getting to the river will reduce flooding. The water butt helps prevent flooding and gives us water for the plants. Likewise to make any paved area permeable so the water goes into the ground rather than into the drains also prevents flooding. Block paving is now available that assists the water to soak away. So when you pave over your front garden try and think how quickly the water will get to the river.

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