Friday, May 15, 2009


To reverse the old cliche: 'Money is time'
It follows that an expensive lifestyle will eat into your time
While those able to make do with less
Can free up time for worthwhile pursuits other than paid employment
Until quite recently I earnt a good wage
But spent 60 hours a week trapped in the office
I was comfortably off
But not surprisingly painfully short of leisure time & energy
These days I choose to work fewer hours and earn much less
But interestingly I find I need less too
For now time is on my side...

Time for family and friends
Time to make new acquaintances
Time to read
Time to take stock
Time to reflect on how I live
Time for regular exercise
Time to cultivate compassion for others
Time for interests
Time for creativity
Time to reconnect with nature
Time to garden
Time to campaign for change
Time to walk or cycle to where I want to go
Time to shop around for good food and drink
Time to care
Time to volunteer my time
Time to stop and chat
Time to stop and smell the roses
Time to count my blessings
But I'm not sure if I could live for a year on just a pound a day!

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